SERVANT recording studio
for Christian artists desiring to glorify our Lord through music - where Christ comes first
We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. With state of the art equipment
and technology, combined with a passion for Christ, we are able to offer
professional service with a personal touch at an exceptional value.
Knowing "God's word will not return void", vocals are a priority.
From God's word, through your heart, to the world's ears.
Music directors, Praise and Worship teams, and music ministers are making new recordings
regularly, and using their CDs as a teaching tool to introduce new songs, choruses and music to
the congregation. Your own unique CD recording helps your congregation learn new music,
worship at home or in the car, and is a tremendous tool for promoting your church in the
community. You could have a number of your own recordings available, featuring the music you
love and share together as a congregation.
• Your music group and their families and acquaintances,
• Your local church's family and ministries,
• Your supporters, relatives, fellow churches, their schools and businesses
• Those who you would like to reach with your music.

Your recording has potential for expanding your ministry and audience. Your CD can open doors
for your music to reach out beyond your local network and impact a much larger audience on a
regional or national scale. Other churches, groups and individuals would love to have your music
made available to them. I'm sure you can think of neighbor churches in your denomination that
would welcome your music recording. Many of the well known Christian music distributors and
record labels started out by making recordings of their praise and worship music, and found that
there was a great demand for their recorded music ministry.


This facility came about as a result of recording projects for my group Servant. When searching for
studios to record in,
we found good qualities in each facility, but we felt the need for more support
for Christian recording artists at all levels, especially in providing high quality recording at an
affordable price. The Lord placed on
our hearts Servant Recording Studio. We incorporated the
good qualities of each of the studios (
rooms, equipment, programs) and coupled that with a
relaxed Christian atmosphere, where prayer is encouraged and God is glorified.
The musicians used here at Servant Music are Christians and reflect that in their pricing and
attitude. If
we can't help you in your ministry, we hope to refer you to someone who can. Servant
Recording Studio is located in Rose Bud, AR
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Many will want to hear your music!
Rates start as low as $50 per song. Go to the RATES page for a complete breakdown of costs.
Before reading further, you may need to know that many, and perhaps most, of the
tracks you’ve already purchased cannot be used for recording without a
master use
. They are major artist tracks and are licensed only for live performance.
However, all of our
tracks are available for recording. Keep reading…

Recording with pre-recorded tracks is not only the fastest and the most
economical, but also the most predictable, because ‘what you hear is what you
get’ before you commit to spending the money – and there is no sacrifice in
quality. We’ve made recording affordable and easy
We have a number of pre-recorded tracks, made in our studio,
available for lease (master use license). We can also make your
from other tapes, cds etc. You can also record your own tracks.
1. Basic tracks - The initial recording process in which the rhythm and chord instruments are
recorded, choosing microphones, mike placement, preamps, etc., and finally getting the
performance down to the satisfaction of the musicians and producer.

2. Overdubs - Additional components of the music are added to the basic tracks, (lead vocals,
harmony vocals, percussion, strings, solo guitars, midi/keyboards, etc.)

3. Mixdown - When all the parts have been recorded, the mixdown process blends each sound
with the others into a composite stereo image.
studio recording process
music directors, praise and worship teams
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