Microphones: Shure, Nueman, AKG, Marshall, Audio Technica,
Studio Projects, Senheiser, in small and large diaphragm
models, condensers, various polar patterns, tube, conventional.

A microphone to enhance any voice style and tone.
If you are doing your own tracks and you are bringing
instruments, see the
preparation page.

We use a selection of Taylor acoustic guitars, PRS electrics
and more, various percussion including DTXtreme Yamaha
electriic drums, congas, etc., keyboards, live horns (not midi).
Depending on the project and the musicians, only the highest
quality instruments are used.
recording software
The studio is a converted small farm house. Not much to look at
The studio is a converted small farm house. Not much to look at
from the outside, but the "heart" inside has a tuned vocal room
(not a booth), isolation rooms, control room, and a common
area, all dedicated to God for His glory, honor, and praise.
The large metal building houses all the production and graphics
computers and equipment for everything from CD design to
completed T-shirts, caps and more.
Industry standard Pro Tools:  The main recording software
used. This is integrated with an automated, multi-channel
control board and many internal and external processors.

Melodyne Studio and editor with DNA (direct note access):
An incredible vocal software program.

Antares vocal suite: More vocal software programs.