How much time and money should be budgeted for your recording project?
If you have your own recorded track and want to record vocals with it: $50/song
SOUNDTRACK LEASING: Individual Soundtrack Lease $50 plus vocal recording.
CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS: Up to 5 instruments for $150 plus vocal recording.
Free quotes available on request.
Basic Costs – There are four basic costs to any recording project. All
costs are charges you would incur wherever you may record.

1) Leasing or creating tracks. A one-time per-track fee of $50 - $150(our rate), allows you to
manufacture one copy or a million copies. (No charge if you own your personal tracks.)

2) Royalties – This is very important. Some production houses have offered “royalty-free” tracks.
If the song is copyrighted, there is no such thing as“royalty-free.” However, if a song is in “Public
Domain” (generally meaning it was written in 1922 or prior) there are no royalties. We have
many Public Domain tracks available.
The “Royalty Rate” for copyrighted songs increases about every two years. As of January 2006,
that rate was 9.1 cents per song for each copy manufactured. Example: If four songs are Public
Domain and six are Copyrighted, you would pay 6 x 9.1 cents, or 54.6 cents per CD.
Licensing – Before you record, you must secure a license to record each ‘Copyrighted’ (non-
Public Domain) song. Ask us how we can simplify that routine process for you. What if a
publisher won’t license a song to you? Won’t happen. The “Compulsory Licensing Act” requires
a publisher or song owner to license anyone to record it if the song has been recorded at least
once prior. That includes all of our songs – even the “original, unpublished” titles.

3) Studio – Most studios charge by the hour so the total cost will depend #1, on how ready you
are to record and #2, how picky you are. Typical recording time, allowing for “punch-ins,” edits,
playbacks, 2nd-3rd takes, etc., is about 1 hour to 2 hours per song. Some perfectionists (and
major label artists) take more time, even months!

4) Mixdown and Mastering are the final steps in the studio. Our hourly rate is the same for
recording as for mixdown; however, mixdown time, when using pre-recorded tracks, is much
less than the time to record just your solo.