Stock and Custom Track services
Custom Soundtracks:

1.  Send your reference material and instructions for a free
review and quote. (No obligation)
2.  Correspond with us to assure your information and goals
are understood.
3.  Send talent Fees for musicians and/or vocalists. ($150 for
5 instrument soundtrack). Studio fees are not due until you
approve the custom soundtrack(s).
4.  Recording session(s) scheduled. Instruments recorded.
5.  Mix down of music track to stereo soundtrack. Typically an
MP3 is sent at this point for your approval of the track.
6.  Upon approval and payment of any outstanding studio
fees a master Disc or Disc Quality WAV file is sent to you or
your designee via high speed internet or standard delivery
method such as postal service or UPS.
7.  Free option to add your custom soundtrack to the web site for leasing by others and return
on your investment.
SOUNDTRACK LEASING: Individual Soundtrack Lease $50
CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS: Up to 5 instruments for $150.  
Free exact quote available
Servant Music is similar to other leasing companies
in that we lease master track recordings of songs
for recording purposes. Our prices are much lower
and half of the profit goes to the Christian artist or
studio that partnered with us to create the sound
track. We also provide custom soundtrack creation
services allowing you to become owners of sound
recordings with Servant Music which allows you to
have the possibility of leasing your sound recording
to others for use in the future.
•  Quality Music for your recording project!
•  Alternative to Finding Studio quality musicians for your
recording project.
•  Quick Delivery! Typical turn around is 2 to 6 weeks from
receipt of talent fees. Custom soundtracks can be mailed on a
Compact Disc or downloaded from our servers in full 44.1k, 16
bit, CD quality .Wav format, as well as other audio and data
•  Get a return on the investment! A large portion of each lease
fee is returned to the ministry or producer who originally had the
soundtrack created! Your custom track may be available for
lease from the website giving you a payback
every time someone uses it!
•  A Custom Soundtrack using 5 instruments starts at $150 with
discounts when purchased in quantity! (Additional instruments
or vocals available for $20 ea. per song.
•   Many instruments to choose from including but not limited to
the following: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,
Piano, Strings/Orchestration (keyboard), Organ, Synths, Drums
(acoustic or electric), Banjo, Mandolin, Steel Guitar, Percussion
& effects, vocals etc...subject to availability.
NOTE: Creating a custom track is an alternative to hiring
studio musicians or playing the music yourself. It does not
satisfy the legal obligation to obtain a
mechanical license
from the song's publisher.
Leasing a track from gives you permission
to use our version of the soundtrack on your recording. It does
not address mechanical license issues. Mechanical license
on your recording. The standard rate at the time of this
question being answered is approx. 9.5 cents per song, per
copy distributed. Mechanical licensing provides the payment
of royalties to the writer / publisher and should be requested
from the publisher or copyright holder of the song. For more
information on copyright items visit the
license page.
Tracks available for lease
include many hymns, praise and
worship, and other popular
Christian songs in a variety of
styles, keys and tempos.

With hundreds of song titles,
keys, and styles, just
email or
call (501-556-3032) with the
song(s) you are interested in.
There is absolutely No
obligation. Please include the
artist, style and preferred key if
possible.(This is not mandatory.)

We will try to list all the
available tracks by style and
category, including short
demos, in the near future.
Master Lease Contract
This lease contract entitles the client listed below to the use of specified track(s) on a master recording session for the purpose of adding
their voice(s) and/or solo instruments to the accompaniment tracks listed herein.
Resale of the soundtrack is not included or permitted!
The undersigned client stipulates they have read, understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions of this lease contract.
1. The tracks made available through this lease contract will be used on recording for the client only. The client has the authorization to
manufacture unlimited quantities of records, cassettes and/or compact discs using the master created after the voice(s) and/or solo
instruments have been added.
2. Full payment for the track(s) leased must be received by Servant Music before the digital CD masters can be sent to you.  We accept
checks and PayPal for payment.
3. Client may keep the CD digital master for use as a performance CD.
4. Client will assure Servant Music that no additional copies of the master will be made or allowed to be made by any third party.
5. Client is responsible for any and all applicable sales taxes, recording licenses and /or royalties due on the finished products.
6. Client agrees to display the following credits on the recording final product inserts. "Tracks supplied by Servant"
7. Client must confirm before using these tracks on a recording session that the CD is suitable for their purposes and does not contain
any defects. Servant Music is not responsible or held liable for any defects found in the master CD soundtracks. Client's only remedy shall
be a replacement soundtrack CD for any defects found. No other warranty is expressed or implied.
8. Payment received for leased track(s) and selection of agreement below stipulates client agrees and will abide with the above
conditions and requirements.
Track Master Lease Rate Schedule
(Cost Each on CD or as a Download)
$50 / song

The actual shipping method you desire will be selected later on the charge card page.  If you plan to mail your order and payment use the
shipping rates here to add any optional shipping method you desire.  
Track leasing orders are plus shipping and handling charges.
For Internet Download Delivery    Free per order
For US Mail  ADD $5.00 per order.
For UPS Ground (USA)   ADD $10.00 per order.  
For UPS Blue 2-day (USA)   ADD $16.00 per order.  
For UPS RED Priority overnight (USA)   ADD $23.75 per order.   
If mailing a check for payment please add any optional shipping method selected.
                                               TRACK LEASE AGREEMENT

This letter shall constitute an agreement between the following:
Servant Music, 939 Lone Star Rd, Rose Bud, AR 72137,
_______________________________ (Hereafter referred to as artist).
It is agreed that the following sound tracks, owned by Servant Music, may be used in
the production of the artist’s current project at the cost of $50.00 per song.
It is understood that the artist is responsible for securing mechanical licenses from the
copyright owner of each composition. It is further understood that the artist is
responsible for all royalties, which will accrue from the sale of his/her product.
The artist is responsible for the safety and good keeping of the masters and is granted
permission to keep the supplied masters for performance of future recordings. It is
understood that these masters will not be copied by the artist or anyone connected to
the artist for any reason outside the boundaries of this contract. It is understood that a
return or refund is not allowed once the master is received.This license is granted
strictly to the individual artist. A recording studio or competitive company may not
license Masters.

_______________________________________ ______________________
Artist  / Date

_______________________________________ _____________________
Studio Director / Date