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RJ's MidAmerica

(Complete Greenhouse, Complete Growing)

Your Dutch bucket and Bato bucket Headquarters

RJ's MidAmerica has been in business for over 35 years. 
Owners Randy and Jill have maintained a number of successful businesses.
A few of years ago, family, friends, and others expressed concerns

about healthy food and also it's availability.
RJ's decided to take on the challenge to provide a way for everyone to have access to safe, good food they can grow year round. Using their engineering and

medical/nutritional backgrounds, and business

experience to help others, the Complete Greenhouse was developed.

Production, ease of use, and cost were a priority.
There were plenty of kits, plans, and un-tested ideas out there. 

Many of which were just a waste of time and money.

Commercial growing had very high costs involved.

The aquaponics "kits" were way too expensive.

The hobby greenhouses were too small, fell apart,

and frankly were no fun at all to assemble.,

We decided to start from the beginning using all that we learned from

hands on, practical experience.
Some things worked and some, well - there are many out there just after a profit etc.
We found what was "over kill", what was exaggeration, and what was true and worked.
We have raised Tilapia from the start and continue today so there is a local supply.
We have tested various greenhouse sizes for production as well as climate control.
We have grown a number of different plants to see what

really grows well in a greenhouse environment.
We have now taken it to the next level!

Grow anything, anywhere, with or without a greenhouse.

Our Grow Systems along with our YouTube videos are all you need.

Join us as we Feed the World - One Person, One Family, One Community at a Time!

(Dutch buckets and Bato buckets can be used without a greenhouse anywhere!)



Feed the world One person, one family, one community at a time

6 years later...

The Need: Affordable healthy food forever (or for as long as we are here)

The Plan: Build the perfect family sized greenhouse at the lowest cost possible

The Process: Extensive research, experimentation, price shopping, engineering, efficiency

Conclusion: Internet info/manuals not always reliable or truthful - a lot of hands on "myth busting"

The Results: Growing systems that work for everyone.

Near perfect greenhouses at a very affordable prices.

Growing systems with or without a greenhouse.

Happy Growing, and most of all, have fun.

Oh yes, the picture is a 4 year old Hatch green chili plant! No need to wait for every fall. Year round harvest.

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